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Powder Coating vs Painting | Spartanburg Powder Coating

What are the benefits of Powder Coating vs Painting fabricated metal parts?

There are several things to consider, some of the most frequently asked questions and answers are noted below.

Powder Coating Performance is more resistant to scratching and chipping because of the cleaning and heat bonding process. Typically, the application of powder will finish with a much thicker finished layer and with a stronger more durable finish, which is more resistant to other elements like chemicals and weather.

Color and finishes can last as long as 20-years without losing it’s finish luster. It is perfect for climates like those found in Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Color options, certainly painting gives great flexibility to mix paint to almost any color in the rainbow. But the powder coating rainbow of colors has grown significantly over the past decade with some of our suppliers like Tiger Powder Coating finishes providing 100’s of colors and unique textured finishes (see some of the options).

Which costs more, powder coating or painting?

Usually powder coating is more cost effective in the long run and will last longer making it a greater value. Certainly painting has been around much longer so cost of materials is a bit less, however preparation can be more time consuming.

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