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We have over 12,000 Square feet of space dedicated to cutting, bending, welding aluminum and steel into custom fabricated racks, gates, railings or whatever you can dream of. You dream it, we will fabricate it.

Equipped for success: We have learned that to serve well and perform well, one must be well equipped. We have made the needed investments to allow our business to meet the needs of your business. Right where you are, taking you to where you’d like to go. Below is a short list of some of the cool tools we have. (Kevin, the list below is for us to edit and build on).

  • Roller / Bending Equipment
  • Plasma Cutting Table
  • 10’ Break Machines
Design Services

Everyday clients call with plans and drawings for custom rolling racks, tables, shelves or something unique for their business, that will allow them to operate more efficiently.

Maybe you are a paper and pencil kind of person, no problem. We work well that way also. Our in house design designer can take your notes and prepare the needed shop drawings that will help us get things into production.

Once things are fabricated, you might consider having them finished on another level with our powder coating team.